Battling your Self-Doubt

James Tew
2 min readDec 22, 2020


There’s something about the holiday season that encourages you to evaluate what you would like your legacy to be. I enjoyed making videos in the past. Talking about my experiences and what I believed made a good leader. That was lost for a while because I was chasing money. I was showing people how to make videos. I had a lot of fun.

However, as I wrote recently, we often find ourselves at a crossroads. The intersection of where we see our lives going and where we would like our lives to go. It’s something a lot of us struggle with, I am sure of it.

The question I pose to you all is; how quickly do you pull the trigger when it comes to undertaking a new project?

In the past, I’ve been trigger happy. That is, an idea forms, I run with it, find out it is a half-cooked idea and give up. Not a recipe for success.

One of those moments hit me today, as I was mowing the lawn ahead of the Christmas mayhem.

“I should revive my YouTube channel and talk about the battle against ourselves.”

Between you, me and the lawnmower, it’s a bloody great idea!

Then after the rumble of the mower has settled down, the reality of life as a dad of five sets back in, self-doubt takes over. Precisely, the reason what I was thinking of combating.

The self-doubt that you’re not good enough. The self-doubt that no one would want to listen to what you have to say.

“What if people laugh at what I have to say?”

“I should stay in my lane because I don’t have anything worthy to say.”

What is the right answer when it comes to pulling the trigger on that idea? That little bit of hope for a better future for either yourself or your family.

I don’t know. As it turns out, Google has a few ideas on market research.

Customer research is a well-researched topic. There is plenty of literature online and in various business schools around the world. After all, the majority of our interactions with businesses are as a result of marketing. However, what if we don’t want to build a business?

I, like most people, are happy swimming in my lane. I enjoy my career. However, there are times when we require “something” else. Many people find that in the form of activities like golf or running.

Creating something can be that hobby.

But this comes back to how long should you let the dust settle on that idea? How long are you going to let self-doubt talk you out of action?

I don’t have the answer. I’m sitting here writing this article, talking myself out of doing more. Do I go back to making videos? Should I be content with the status quo?

I feel the answer to all these questions is not something I alone have faced. If you’ve had experience with this dilemma, please comment. I’m incredibly interested in other stories on overcoming self-doubt.



James Tew

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