Scratch Thy Itch

James Tew
2 min readDec 28, 2020


I love podcasts. When you find the right one, the conversation can be mesmerizing. They can be loaded with information or perhaps, just enough fan the flame of creativity.

A long time ago, well, four years, I was publishing videos on YouTube regularly. Life became busy with the arrival of our fifth child.

But I’ve maintained that itch. The flame of creativity is yet to be extinguished.

Like most things that important, it is scary to think of going back to YouTube. However, it is something that Jay Clouse said to me in a recent Twitter exchange.

You don’t have to rush.

I’d just discovered his podcast episode with Matt Ragland. Matt has had a successful career with start-ups and has just moved to self-employment. I won’t spoil the episode for you but, Matt said something that fanned the flame.

“What’s most important is to be consistent”.

I’ve had a personal goal for a long time; pursue consistency. Matt continues to talk about how people can niche down by consistently publishing content and seeing what resonates. Simple. Just publish more.

But while I’m sitting here, listening to the cricket in the background, I am doing something consistently. Consistently, talking myself out of it.

It’s an internal struggle that must I overcome.

I’ve made a video about it before. Deep down, I feel it stems from the fear of being rejected. There is a fear of not being good enough and sacrificing my career or family.

What I think is critical, in all aspects of life, is scratching that itch. Whatever it might be, professionally or personally. It could be chasing that promotion or, it could be a single-digit handicap.

Ruthless pursuit of consistency.

Continued consistent progress towards the goal is something that no one can compete with.



James Tew

Dad of five. Naval Officer. Aspiring for consistent progress.